Learning, Understanding, and Teaching


What do Ken Jennings, Bobby Fischer, and MacGyver have in common? They would all be called experts in their respective fields.  In my first essay for CEP 810, which you can find here, I had to think about what learning is and how is it connected to understanding. I also had to think about how that impacts the teaching and delivery of new information to the students in my own classroom. I used the publication How people learn: Brain, mind, experience and school, Bransford, J., Brown, A.L., & Cocking, R. R. (2000) to find that being an expert is not for the select few, however, there are strategies that can be acquired and teaching practices that can be used to help all learners become experts. It fascinates me knowing that these strategies are teachable and can be practiced beginning at a very young age. Since I first started teaching Kindergarten I have experienced kids coming into my classroom with an enormous range of abilities.  Students may come in not knowing any of their letters and some may come in already knowing how to read. I hope that I can continue learning what strategies I can teach my students and technology we can use to enable all my students to become experts. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. I welcome and encourage comments or reflections.

2 Responses

  1. DP

    “Helping students develop into better learners is the goal for any teacher”.

    Well said! We wrestle every day attempting to keep them engaged in our subject matter with the overwhelming knowledge that every students arrives with a different starting point or prior knowledge. I marvel at how seasoned teachers effortless flow through that balancing act, tempting students to learn.


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