When Passion and Technology Collide


Up next for CEP810 is to use the internet to learn something new. I will be entering what James Paul Gee calls the “passionate affinity school system. This system is technology-rich, language-rich, literacy-rich, and socially-rich when it operates at its best” (Gee 2013, p. 15). I can only use Youtube and other free sites that will help me learn a new skill. So the fun begins! I have always been interested in cooking. During my downtime, I love to binge watch the Food Network channel or episodes of Top Chef. One of my favorite shows to watch on the Food Network is Chopped. It starts with four contestants and a mystery basket. The contestants have to create a dish using all the ingredients in the basket, the judges taste all the dishes and then decide who gets chopped. It is so fun to watch the contestants look at the ingredients and think of a dish to make so quickly. Sometimes I try to think of a dish to make while watching the show. My interest in cooking has never reached my own kitchen. I’m more of a frozen pizza in the oven kind of guy.

With that being said, I am going to learn how to make the perfect risotto for my wife. Whenever my wife and I get the chance to eat at a fancy restaurant she typically orders the risotto. I need to learn how to cut things properly and how to make chicken stock from scratch.  I am going to use Youtube as a video resource to find the best ways to mushrooms and create a chicken stock. I will also use other resources like seriouseats.com to learn the step by step process to these new skills. Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel has a great video that shows how to make his “perfect” mushroom risotto, that I am going to try to emulate. I will also use the FOOD52 hotline to get answers to any cooking questions that I may have, which will probably be a lot. Hopefully, I can make a wonderful mushroom risotto for my wife! Please stay tuned to see how it goes. I welcome any comments or reflections.




Gee, J. P. (2013). Digital Media and LearningA Prospective Retrospective Retrieved from http://jamespaulgee.com/pdfs/Digital%20Media%20and%20Learning.pdf

Pictures provided by Pexels

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