Professional Learning Network (PLN)



*A Popplet of my Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Since making the decision to become an educator I have worked to make connections with other educators and organizations who can help mentor me and guide me in my career. My PLN web has been able to expand because of the connections I have made with higher educational institutions, my colleagues, social media, and educational apps. Torrey Trust wrote that “teachers engage in PLNs to grow professionally, learn from others, and contribute to a community. Teachers are motivated to engage in PLNs because they can solicit help and support, demonstrate their knowledge by helping others, and converse with individuals about new information and feedback” (Trust, 2012,  pp. 137). Just as Trust said, these connections help influence my teaching, encourage me to keep being a lifelong learner and inspire me to try new things in my classroom. I turn to my PLN when I have questions about teaching or when my students want answers to things we are learning. I have been able to meet amazing educators at conferences such as MACUL and NCTE because of education hashtags on Twitter. Attending these conferences and following education hashtags on Twitter has made my PLN expand. I hope to continue developing my PLN to become a better learner and a more connected educator.


Trust, T. (2012). Professional learning networks designed for teacher learning. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 28(4), 133-138.

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