The Remix ft. Everyone


Everyone is a maker. We go through ours days making decisions and designing the kind of life we want to live. Dale Dougherty is the CEO of Maker Media, and during a TED Talk titled We are Makers he described how everyone is a maker. “You’re makers of food, you’re makers of shelter, you’re makers of lots of different things, and partly what interests me today is you’re makers of your own world” (Dougherty 2011).

Being a maker is not only coming up with brand new ideas. Being a maker is taking ideas from other people and transforming them into something new. Kirby Ferguson is a filmmaker who created a four part video series about what creating is and how everything being created is a remix of things already made. You can find out more about Kirby Ferguson by visiting In part three of his video series, Ferguson talks about the elements of creativity: copying, transforming, and combining. Ferguson describes copying as being the “foundation of knowledge and understanding.” After we learn how to copy then we can transform the ideas into something new, or we can combine them with other ideas.

After being inspired by Dale Dougherty’s and Kirby Ferguson’s words I wanted to put my maker skills to the test. I first spent time looking for and watching videos about creating and being makers that had a Creative Commons License. This was one of my favorite parts of the creating process because of the encouraging messages of being a maker. I also wanted to find music that inspired me to be a maker and hopefully inspire you too. I used a remixed Super Mario song by Dj CUTMAN and GameChops. Once I found the video footage and song I wanted to work with, I as able to cut pieces together using WeVideo.

I made three versions of my one minute video before deciding on the one below. (If embedded content does not display you can view the video here.) By making this video I have learned that Kirby Ferguson is absolutely right when he says, “everything is a remix” (2011). My final video is a remix of my first attempts. The lessons I teach in my class are all remixes of prior lessons. I copy things that went well, transform how information gets presented, or combine subjects to make the connection deeper.


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