CEP 811 Reflection

CEP 811 is coming to a close. Throughout the course I have learned about remixing, repurposing, teaching students how to innovate, redesign a learning space, how maker spaces can impact the classroom, and how creativity can be assessed in MakerEd. My biggest takeaway from the course is that everything can be repurposed to fit a learning experience. When learning about Maker Spaces I connected with the fact that people are the best component of any learning environment. The goal now is getting students to understand how they can impact each other’s learning. I learned that in some Maker Spaces participants who learn a new skill will then teach someone else that same skill. I absolutely love this idea! When I think about my own classroom and how I want students to collaborate and problem-solve, I envision students not just learning, but teaching one another. After learning about MakerEd and how it connects to PBL and the 21st century skills, I have decided that I don’t just want my classroom to be a great learning environment, but I want it to be a passion community where students and teachers can learn together. To sum up my CEP 811 experience I have decided to go all the way back to week one and create a remix video of all the things I have learned throughout the course. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to try making in your own classroom or learning space.



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