Where to start? How to Finish?

I have been teaching at elementary school that teaches primarily through Project Based Learning (PBL) since 2014. I have created PBL units for students from kindergarten all the way up to eighth grade. I absolutely love what PBL’s bring to the classroom and how it can encourage students to develop their own creative ideas, rather […]

A New Mapping System

For those who may have forgotten, the five themes of Geography are location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. This year I will be teaching the seventh grade Social Studies standards that have a major focus on Geography and Ancient Civilizations. As I was reviewing the standards and beginning to think about how I want […]

Connected Problem Solvers

I am about to begin my sixth year of teaching at ZQuest. Last year was my first year teaching at the middle school level. It was a dream come true to teach at the middle school level and to have a phenomenal teaching partner! With the new school year about to begin, my teaching partner […]

Creating an Online Course

Designing an online content management system (OCM) can seem like a daunting task when you’re in the brainstorming phase. When I was first brainstorming what I wanted to put on my OCM to help my students stay engaged and progress through the material I felt like Neo from the Matrix. If you haven’t seen the […]

Questioning for Life

In CEP812 we focused on the book A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger. Berger says that we need to step into questioning for the sake of learning how to ask the right questions to give us amazing answers. “Questioning is a classic case of the more you do it, the easier it gets. Innovators tend to […]

Finding Solutions to Wicked Problems

My collaboration team and I have been working on the wicked problem of innovation in education for the past few weeks. We began by researching the problem of Making Innovation Part of the Learning Ethic. We generated about fifty why questions pertaining to innovation in education to better understand why this problem is so wicked. Innovation is […]

Wicked Problem Survey

This week my CEP 812 colleagues and I have been working towards solving our wicked problem of innovation in education. Innovation in education is a wicked problem because there are numerous definitions of innovation and no precise way of evaluating if it is taking place or not. Through our research we have noticed that schools […]