Making Innovation Part of the Learning Ethic

In CEP 812 we have been working on wicked problems. The wicked problem that I have been working on is making innovation part of the learning ethic. I worked in a “think tank” where we discussed innovation in education and how wicked of a problem it truly is. Innovation is one of those terms that […]

Watching my Infodiet

This week I had the opportunity to go on vacation with my wife. We traveled to South Carolina and spent the week on the beach soaking up the sun. When I am on vacation I like to unplug from checking social media or emails. Though I was on vacation, I still had to do work […]

Igniting Questioning in the Classroom

On Friday my students and I were taking a walk to the wetlands that are located behind our school. We were going to the stream to test the boats we made earlier in the week. On the way to the wetlands we had to cross the basketball courts. The students were in clumps as we […]

Ill-structured Problems

We make decisions every day. In order for our brains to help us make decisions, it goes  through a process that helps us determine what needs attention right away and what things can wait. The skill of processing these decisions and determining which ones need attention is called our executive function or self-regulation. Our executive […]

Assessing Creativity and Problem Solving

In a time where more and more schools are changing their focus of instruction from fact memorization to collaborative problem-solving and creativity, there also needs to be a change in the way assessments are used and how students interact with them. Grant Wiggins, who is known for being an assessment expert, has written a post […]

CEP 811 Reflection

CEP 811 is coming to a close. Throughout the course I have learned about remixing, repurposing, teaching students how to innovate, redesign a learning space, how maker spaces can impact the classroom, and how creativity can be assessed in MakerEd. My biggest takeaway from the course is that everything can be repurposed to fit a […]

The Maker Movement

This week for CEP811 I had to take everything I have learned about becoming a Maker and create an infographic. I am fortunate enough to teach in a school where we engage students in Project Based Learning (PBL) to help them uncover their understanding. Through the uncovering process my students like to build, make, and explore. […]