Learning Space (Re)Design

Next year I will be moving from teaching Kindergarten to teaching 7th and 8th grade. I will have a teaching partner and we will be using the same learning space to teach our 40 plus students. I am excited about the opportunity to teach at a new grade level and work alongside a wonderful educator. In […]

What’s your job?

My students have been learning about Economics recently. We were presented with a mission to help parents run a pizza fundraiser at the end of May. The students were presented with a problem of having to raise money for field trips and the parents presented a few ideas of how they could accomplish their mission. […]

Who’s in Control of the Learning?

If you are involved in education in any capacity you may have heard of the terms, “sage on stage” or “guide on the side”. “Sage on a stage” is an educator who thinks of themselves as the holder and presenter of the knowledge that students are required to learn. A “guide on the side” is […]

My Makey Makey Lab

This week for CEP811 I was challenged to play with a maker kit and repurposed or found items. I decided to purchase the Makey Makey kit and started to explore different connections that I could make. Makey Makey is a simple circuit board that enables you to connect conductive materials to the board with alligator clips […]

The Remix ft. Everyone

Everyone is a maker. We go through ours days making decisions and designing the kind of life we want to live. Dale Dougherty is the CEO of Maker Media, and during a TED Talk titled We are Makers he described how everyone is a maker. “You’re makers of food, you’re makers of shelter, you’re makers of lots […]

Teaching Understanding with Technology

My first class for my Masters of Arts in Educational Technology is coming to a close. Over the past six weeks I have been learning about how technology can change the game for learning with understanding. As a teacher it is my goal to teach students to be successful learners and thinkers. I want to […]

Cooking with TPACK

This week for CEP810 I had the opportunity to cook using TPACK. TPACK is a theory of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge. This theory was developed by Dr. Matthew Koehler and Dr. Punya Mishra in their book Creativity, Technology & Education: Exploring their Convergence. Dr. Koehler and Dr. Mishra describe TPACK as being “the basis of good teaching […]